Spirits of Arianwyn

Viewing Clan Competition: April Alt Tracker

Competition Time Frame: 04/01/2024 00:00 UTC to 05/01/2024 00:00 UTC
Competition has ended.
Data Last Updated: 05/01/2024 00:00 UTC (74 days 01 hours 22 minutes ago)

Skill: Overall
Cumulative Overall XP 7,931,957,218 Cumulative Overall XP Gained 112,665,581
Average Overall XP 881,328,580 Average Overall XP Gained 12,518,398
Cumulative Overall Levels 22,578 Cumulative Overall Levels Gained 651
Average Overall Levels 2,509 Average Overall Levels Gained 72
Participants and Stats
RankUsernameStart XPCurrent XPCurrent LevelGained XPGained Levels
1Spyros Furry9,811,09363,519,745218353,708,652611
3Boss Sharks331,710,307348,567,946277516,857,63917
4Amyntas Bion135,813,292143,840,92523938,027,63310
5Garden o eve35,168,63039,061,78411023,893,1546
7Poacher Jen2,277,623,4912,278,466,7933000843,3020
9RA Sandwich737,646,302737,646,302292400